People eating in a hawker

An Essential Guide to Becoming a Great Food Critic

For a lot of food fans, becoming a food critic is a life-long dream. Although not everyone has the chance or opportunity to become one, it shouldn’t stop you from critiquing the dishes that you eat.  Likewise, being critical also

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Friends enjoying drinks in a rooftop bar

4 Ways to Help You Find the Best Bars in Any Country

Most people dream of going to an unfamiliar area. They imagine themselves walking into a seemingly normal bar and discovering that it’s the coolest place near the hotel. Unfortunately, a regular rooftop bar in Singapore doesn’t share the same vibe and whimsy

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Food Presentation

Top Tips for Optimal Food Presentation

Whether you are selling fresh produce, meats or meals, how you present these to your customers will determine how much you will manage to sell. You have to make sure that everything is set up properly and carefully, from the

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How to Prepare a Romantic Dinner Date at Home

Keeping the flame alive in a relationship can take a lot of hard work. After all, both you and your partner may have busy schedules that you often find it challenging to have romantic dinner dates in a fancy hotel.

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Four Ways You Can Actually Make Your Event Luxurious

Corporate events are often thought of as top-tier gatherings. This means that they are usually formal. However, many events organizers make the mistake of taking the “formal” too seriously. They stick to it that it becomes stiff and boring. Top-tier

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