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Blue Jean Travel started out as an experiment: could we create a community of like-minded individuals who love traveling as much as we do? The answer: Yes! But what do we do differently?

Aside from writing about our own experiences, Blue Jean Travel welcomes submissions from travelers from around the world, which gives us an insight into their own unique culture and the perspective they gained through their own travels. In this way, Blue Jean Travel helps open up the minds of readers to different viewpoints and worldviews. We encourage a free exchange of ideas, whether it’s an article about the history of a country, or insider knowledge about a particular city.

We’re always excited to hear new stories about old places, or thoughts and musings on the wonders of travel. Our in-house team of highly experienced travelers from different industries expertly curate all article submissions to ensure quality posts for our readers.

Contact us, today, about your submissions. We look forward to building a healthy community of travelers and wanderers!

"A life without travel is a life not lived."

Gabriela Rocha

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From the beautiful beaches of Bali to the ancient streets of Sicily, read through our favorite destinations from travelers from around the world.  Blue Jean Travel gathers and curates the best travel stories from our community of travelers as both a guide and showcase of exotic locales.

Whether it’s finding out insider tips about street food in Bangkok, or learning about the history of the Amsterdam Canals, each travel feature gives unique insights about the off beaten paths in the world’s most popular travel destinations.